Hurrah for new Vogue

So I finally purchased the new British vogue under newly appointed Editor in Chief Edward Enninful. I am extremely excited to see what this brings for the publication. I have to admit it has become a little stale and I stopped my subscription a while ago, but the spark might be back with new eyes, new ideas, and a new look.

All the best to Edward and his crew, long live British Vogue.

The December issue is out now for £3.99

BodyCon Trend 

I have to share this from the Vogue May 2016 edition, it’s the body con trend. Obsessing about under garments is a healthy obsession. Look at this! devine, sophisticated, romantic. The model is wearing JW Anderson, the bra top is £450 and knit trousers are £1,495. Ew just too expensive for my flat purse of 5p’s. 

Source: Vogue May Edition 2016.