Trend; Polka Dot


(Far top left) The Kooples, Polka dot dress – £265
(Middle left ) Asos, Polka dot purse – £6
(Bottom left ) Zara, Bermuda shorts – £25.99
(Top Middle ) Urban Outfitters, polka dot dress – £56
(Bottom middle) Zara, Polka dot city bag – £29.99
(Right) Mango, Fringe detail polka dot skirt – £49.99


The sun is still shining in London Town

I recently bought a camera, the Sony cyber shot. My iPhone camera has let me down and as with everyone in the world it’s the most used and valued. I am devastated and it’s rather annoying as everything has become a photo or video opportunity, I’m not entirely sure what we used to do before the camera was on our phones, but I couldn’t take it anymore so thought a camera would be much cheaper than purchasing the iPhone 8.

The picture above is me trying the 10 second timer on the camera, I’m pleasantly surprised seen as I was alone and managed to take this, the lighting could be better but for a first attempt it’s not a bad effort.

My dress is from urban outfitters and so are the fake spectacles.

The Sony cyber shot was £89.99 from argos