Shiny, Sparkly, Comme Des Garçons

Would you believe me if I had said my husband bought this, wait for it, for himself! I think he bought it from Liberty for around £99. When he came home with it, I was kind of shocked, it’s so crazy. Well, guess who is using it now! I love the sparkle, and the snake skin like texture. I bought my husband a plain green one so knew this was hibernating in its box. Comme des garçons is a brand I’m fond of, it’s cool, it’s quirky and certainly brightens up any bag. 

ASOS Two-Tone Oval Purse

My two tone purse has just arrived from ASOS, Half black leather, half teal suede at the great price of only £8. It’s a good size for either your loose change/bank card, or for your minimal make-up needs. Cute!