Hump day looking alriiight

I just finished filming my second vlog, how to get your face ready in less than 10 mins – just need to edit the damn thing now. This pic I took after Face was did.

Happy hump day!

Skin Care goals

Once upon a time I was one of those people who tried a product once, thought it was ok and used it for a thousand years – the end.

Well, after watching a whole load of You Tube videos and over the years developing more and more of an interest in skin care, I have come to realise that you should try everything and anything until it’s the best thing ever and ditch anything mediocre. We don’t want to be basic, this is our skin after all.

I have always bought things here and there and stuck with them for years without thinking if I needed a change or branch out. I ran out of a few items and realised I really don’t have much at all, so went on a spending mission a few weeks back and I’m racking up the numbers in my bathroom cabinet slowly and surely. I will test as many as I can, if it is absolutely awesome it will be in the Fashion Rootle forever list, but if it’s a bit meh! It will be ditched.

I will review the items and save it for another post.

Happy cleansing.