Winter Wardrobe Phobia 

For me the most exciting time of year is spring. My winter wardrobe is dismal, I might be subconsciously sabotaging it as I hate jumpers, cardies, coats, scarves, tights, everything associated to keeping myself warm. The bulkiness, the claustrophobia of piling on layers and layers and still being bloody cold annoys me. Warm weather and I come alive, I feel my styling goes up a notch which is a bonus.

With Spring approaching, I sometimes get into a panic, I check the weather it’s 14 degrees does it mean a jacket will do, should I still wear my wooly jumper, is it time to ditch the thermal heat tech from Uniqglo ? The answer is I don’t know, hence the panic. 

One look I particularly like is the skirt/dress jumper combo. Fits perfectly for spinter ( winter /spring ) you can pop on some tights and a jacket which are easily removal if it gets too warm. Alexa Chung has this down perfectly.  

I won’t fret, spring will actually be here soon properly and I can drop the bulk and love my wardrobe again.

The End. 

Archive by Alexa

Everything she does turns to gold, the latest project for Ms Alexa Chung is Archive by Alexa which consists of delving into oh so British High Street Department Store Marks & Spencer’s archives to create a 31 piece womenswear collection for the current period. The rediscovered pieces were hand picked by Alexa who was truly touched to be involved in a such a journey to bring back archived pieces back to life.

Alexa Chung commented;

“I have always had an affection for Marks & Spencer. I am thrilled to be part of this special and unique project. There was something very touching about looking back through the fashion and social history for which M&S is synonymous”

The collection debuts in April 2016 in selected stores and online at it’s definitely worth a peek.