Tamara Fogle bag 

Yesterday I was rocking my Tamara Fogle bag, my husband kindly bought this for me as a surprise gift. I stayed at my mothers the night before as my husband and I went to see Robbie Williams at the Roundhouse. She was looking after the little one. I thought the smaller the bag the better as I carried a large rucksack for our overnight things. It holds a purse, phone   ( iPhone 6 Plus ) keys and some Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream, a perfect size to travel light. It’s currently sold out but there are other bags to choose from her online shop.  All made in England, in a family run factory I know this bag will have been made with great care and attention.

Check out her stuff here; http://www.tamarafogle.com

Longchamp Large La Pliage Travel Bag

If you are off on a mini break somewhere I recommend the large longchamp bag pictured here. The space is rather large and deep which easily fits your essentials if planning a trip for a couple of nights. Better still you can pack the entire bag as it folds down to a small compact size for when you make those purchases and need another bag to take them home in. 

Available here at a reasonable £65: http://uk.longchamp.com/luggage/le-pliage/large-travel-bag-1624089

Bella Freud Autumn/Winter 2016 Preview with The Frugality

We all know there are dozens and dozens of fashion bloggers out there, you follow a handful but everyone has a fave. Mine is Alex Stedman known as The Frugality. Last night I met her and she was a complete babe. Having landed from NYFW the night before she looked stunning in a Marks and Spencer silver pleated skirt and a Bella Freud pink Anita jumper. A couple of weeks back she posted that she was hosting an event at the Bella Freud store on Chiltern Street, I got in there quick and got an invite to attend. I adore Bella Freud so I wasn’t disappointed with the Autumn/Winter collection, vibrant red hues, khaki green, pale baby pink were among the colours she showcased. I had the privilege of talking to The Frugality and she was extremely natural and beautiful. I recommend you all follow her on Instagram @thefrugality right now

Shiny, Sparkly, Comme Des Garçons

Would you believe me if I had said my husband bought this, wait for it, for himself! I think he bought it from Liberty for around £99. When he came home with it, I was kind of shocked, it’s so crazy. Well, guess who is using it now! I love the sparkle, and the snake skin like texture. I bought my husband a plain green one so knew this was hibernating in its box. Comme des garçons is a brand I’m fond of, it’s cool, it’s quirky and certainly brightens up any bag. 

ASOS Two-Tone Oval Purse

My two tone purse has just arrived from ASOS, Half black leather, half teal suede at the great price of only £8. It’s a good size for either your loose change/bank card, or for your minimal make-up needs. Cute!

The Honest Burger – Brunch

I do love a good brunch! My sister and I went to Spitalfields for a spot of Brunch today. I was an Honest Burger virgin, I was impressed with the food, the portions and the pleasant staff. I had the Granola at midday which was a bit silly but I didn’t fancy anything else. It was very filling and yummy. Highly recommended for a natter and nice food.


D&G Alto Moda Fashion Show 2016

I had to share these divine images of Dolce & Gabbana’s backstage beauties. The Alto Moda fashion show took place today and I guess I’m very envious to have not been there, the elegant Italian romance, with its coffee drinking goddesses and scarlet rose bouquets. T O D I E F O R!!

Image credit: Dolce & Gabbana

Vintage heaven

I took a trip to Old Spitalfields market yesterday and found a little vintage market just opposite on Brushfield Street. I found a lovely leather bag with the letter’f’ for fashion rootle of course, and a gorgeous summer blouse with a round collar by Anne Fontaine. Everyone wants to look French chic and this combo will bring me a step closer. Both items were £35, a bargain indeed. 

Choker On That

I stole my kid sisters choker, she said she bought it from Topshop at £2, that’s less than a latte. It is lush. I have been inspired to get one. I think for me it’s far too edgy but not when you team with a jacket that looks like I’m about to fly a plane. A good balance. 

Missoni Exhibition

I had the pleasure of attending the press day of the new Missoni exhibition held at the Fashion and Textile Musuem in Bermondsey street. The family travelled from Italy to present their showcase. Their collection consisted of furnishing fabrics and fashion. The brands distinctive design has a sensational appeal that is instantly recognisable. With the family business running since the mid 50’s you can’t help but love that they have stuck to a quality ethic of producing luxury items from the beginning to the present day. 

The exhibition runs til 4th September at the Fashion and Textile Museum. Closed on Mondays.