Beauty Review of the week

Photo Credit: Glossier

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask – £18

This is completely different to the charcoal mask I reviewed last week. If you have dry skin like mine especially in the winter months, this is a wonderful mask to use. The first time I purchased this was when Glossier had a pop up in London some time ago. The lady shared with me that I could put a thin layer on and sleep in it and I have been doing just that. But you can use it like a regular mask so lay it on your face like the lady in this tub and leave on for 20mins.

It leaves your face so dewy and well moisturised. My skin is nourished and dry no more. Glossier does not lie when it says it is hydrating, and comforting. It doesn’t have a strong scent and no tightening feeling. I recommend this product especially if you have dry skin. It should be a staple in your bathroom cabinet.

Fashion Rootle Rating 9/10

VB’s New You Tube Channel

VB has a You Tube channel and Fashion Rootle lives for it. After an amazing show at London Fashion Week last month, episode one has been uploaded at 6mins long and it is great to see the run up to the show and processes involved.

Beauty Review of the week

Beauty Review of the Week – Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask at £17.

It is a bit steep for a mask but it comes in a good sized glass jar and will last ages. I am really impressed, it is quite thick to apply but once it is on, it dries quickly and gets to work fast, and you feel a sense of tightening.

I leave it on for about 10 mins and then wash it off with a soaked face cloth flannel. This is the pampering of masks, it is to be applied when you have some time in the evening, don’t rush it. My face always feels really clean. I have dry skin so always follow with a moisturiser before bed.

Fashion Rootle Rating 10/10

Release your inner animal

With the leopard print trend in full swing, I own one leopard print dress, and it’s not a proper dress it’s one of those flimsy maxi dresses that H&M have in their basic section I bought a while ago.


When a trend comes and bites you in the face like the leopard print, it is everywhere! It is a hard print to pull off, you don’t want to end up looking cheap, or even worse like Pat Butcher from Eastenders. The print speaks volumes, it’s ‘hey I’m here, and I’m coming to get ya’ or ‘ move out of my way, I’m coming through’. It’s bolshy, it’s confidence, it’s fierce.

There are only a few people that can pull off a full leopard print outfit;

Debbie harry,

Kendal Jenner, in her slip and jacket teamed with black boots.

or Lady Gaga rocking a Gareth Pugh with exaggerated shoulders, arms, everything.

Not sure we are not cool enough to pull this off so aim for a touch of leopard print. A scarf, or some ankle boots. Go further and get a maxi dress like the one in the shop section from Zara or team a shirt with some skinny jeans. Grrrrrrr…

It’s time to hang them up

Who else is getting fed up with wearing white trainers with everything? I have practically worn them from spring, with almost all my outfits, including the pretty dresses.

The trend was wonderful but it’s time to hang up the trainers and go back to wearing shoes. I’ve actually slightly got accustomed to the comfort so much that I wore my ankle boots to work and my god I’ve forgotten how to walk.

People now wear trainers/sneakers more for fashion than doing sport, fashionista’s were rocking their Stan Smiths with their Stella dresses, or those platform 90’s block trainers that the youth are wearing with their crop tops.

I wore trainers as a last option until this year where it’s now been a go to for my entire wardrobe.

It’s going to be difficult to transition back to shoes but I feel it’s time.

Soak it up

I am one of those people who for some reason has never been a big water drinker. I’m not really a fan of fizzy drinks or fruit juice, I am just obsessed with tea and coffee. However, eventually your body will cry out from the pressures of the lack of water. I usually have 500ml a day on average – and decided with my aching joints and fatigue I needed to change.

Did you know;  Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to work properly. For example, your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste, and lubricate your joints.

I started drinking 500ml more a day, and I didn’t particularly notice much difference, after a week I increased it to 1.5litres and day and noticed a significant difference to my overall health. I started substituting my caffeine drinks to water, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to hit my target. I felt like superwoman. I was less cranky, I woke up with alot more energy, it was quite shocking that for all these years I woke up so sluggish and instantly went for a coffee. I started placing a bottle of water or glass on my beside table to up my target, I know, obsessed.

Get on the water people…preferably in a reusable.

Forever changing…

Oh it’s that dreaded time of year again, the changing of the season. Mornings are dark and colder and you just want to keep cosy.

This also means updating your wardrobe, well I despair because I only do spring and summer, yes, I am aware I live in England but I’ll never get used to this. So, on repeat this is when I start shopping for some updated autumn/winter pieces and end up being in a changing room somewhere seething at the ridiculousness of the jumpers and cardigans that are out this year. I have sussed it out and I’ve realised I find it difficult to style, when you have 4 layers on, bulky boots, tights, a hat, scarf and trying to deal with the fact it’s so cold you actually couldn’t give 2 hoots what you are wearing, you just want to be warm.

Summer attire is by far so much easier, sandals, a dress, some cool sunnies and you are winning. Give me summer over winter any day.

Heat Wave Hair Styles

With the weather turning hot again, I know having my hair down is an absolute no. Your hair has to be out of your face and preferably as tight as possible, otherwise it makes you feel even hotter and there is nothing more annoying than a sweaty neck.

I found some inspiring hairstyles that will keep you cool in the summer. Tie it tightly with a scarf, put it in bunches, or up high in a half bun. You can even find that sweatband you wear to the gym and use it to create a cute style that compliments work or play. Perfect, bring on the sunshine.

Source of images; Vogue UK, Elle UK, L’Oreal official.

To be or not to be?

I have been one of those people who is rarely late for anything, meeting friends, interviews, trains, flights, you name it. However I think I’ve sacrificed looking my best. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anyone aims to be high maintenance, well at least I hope not but I think I might considerate this. Are you like me? It doesn’t take you long to put your make-up on and get ready, but when you step out the door and you happen to catch your reflection, you think oh my word! It’s like a cycle of pure dissatisfaction. I mean my main moan is my hair, an absolute effort. For make-up it takes me 5 mins and just have the standard black eyeliner and mascara if I can be bothered. People sitting there contouring and owning a suitcase or drawers full of make up.

How does someone like that change you ask? well, with great difficulty. I am baffled to know how these women do it, I worked with a lovely girl once who took many trips to the toilet, not because she had bowel problems, but to check her face. I mean that takes a lot of commitment, commitment that may waver for me. It’s so time consuming but dedicating some time to look your best can’t be a bad thing. Just think how much time you waste scrolling Instagram, that time can be used to buff up your nails, give your feet a soak, blow dry your hair, you get the gist.

If I weigh up the option of the amount of work I have to put in to look good, and the dissatisfaction of looking at my reflection – a change is needed, because if it plays on your mind that much then it must be a positive thing to do it.

I am not talking fake nails, hair extensions, kind of high maintenance. I am talking about looking after yourself. So for example, manicures, pedicures, hair cuts, facials etc. Time is the biggest factor here, juggling a part time job along with my 3 year old. It’s time to sort it out, somehow.