Breaking into my DM’s

It’s not what you think. No one is trying to get into my direct messages, I am talking about the shoes kind, the Doctor Martens, the ultimate fashionable shoes, which elevate your style and make your outfit look perfection.

I decided it was time to purchase some Chelsea boots that I have had my eye on for some time. I entered the Carnaby Street store, which was busy, busy, but I caught the attention of a free assistant and told him I would like to try on a size 5 Chelsea boot pleeeeeease! He returns from the store room and to my dismay they are far too big. He suggests I try on a 4. After I try on the 4, you’ve guessed it, they are too small. I feel deflated and think damn, what the hell!

The assistant is very helpful and asks me if there are any other shoes that take my fancy, I point to the classic shoes and he brings me a 4 and viola they fit. They feel a little tight, but he assures me that they expand and mold to your feet. I purchase them, SOLD! and fall in love immediately.

1461 Smooth leather Oxford shoes – £129

Here are my top three tips in breaking in your DM’s:

  • Buy the Wonder Balsam from the store to rub into the shoes, it will soften the leather and ensure of a more speedy process.
  • Start wearing your shoes around the house, just to see where on your feet it is rubbing against.
  • Once you are brave to venture out in them, put plasters on your feet on the places they were rubbing at home. I took my trainers in a tote bag so when it was hurting, I changed shoes.
Wonder Balsam – £8

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