Sometimes I re watch movies, on this occasion I rewatched Atonement and I was drawn in again by the green gown, surely you know which one I mean, the unforgettable main attraction.

The dress was made by Jacqueline Durran, she made the dress specifically for the pivotal moment in the movie which I won’t spoil and the saucy scene in the library. The dress is feminine, strong and iconic. For me the back is just wow, it’s so beautiful and mesmerising. They commissioned a dress to have an impact and it did just that.

I also adored the scene by the fountain, the skirt with the buttons on one side and the sheer floral blouse. She looked romantic, and chic. Durran, again creating something that looks effortless, powerful and impressive. I can’t keep my eyes off it, similar to how the green dress makes me feel.

Another costume I love is the swimsuit, all white one piece with swimming hat to match. She was shimmering in the sunshine looking beautiful and I loved rewatching the movie just to see the iconic wardrobe once again.

Atonement is available to watch on U.K. Netflix.

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