What I purchased at the Simone Rocha x H&M collaboration.

These are the items I bought from the H&M x Simone Rocha collaboration. Bit dismal right ? Unfortunately I don’t get press gifts so had to stand by the internet at 8 am on the morning it dropped. I managed to get these items which I am happy with but would have loved a dress.

The lip balm is a very pretty colour but not really for black skin which I’m not in the least surprised about. I’m keeping it anyway I aim to scoop out the colour and add my own balm.

The hair bows are gorgeous, I would have been happy with the black too, the small ones had an outing yesterday and it kept flapping in the wind and more than once it felt I had an insect landing on my hair.

The tshirt is my favourite I think out of the 4 and most likely will be the one I will wear most often. I adore the picture and her name on the sleeve. Perfection.

The pink bag with the large bow, shocking how large this bag was in real life. The H&M product shot was very deceptive. I have decided to keep it regardless and can’t wait for the envious stares to begin.

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