Digging The Dig

So I recently watched the Netflix film The Dig and couldn’t help notice the wardrobe. The film was brilliant and I highly recommend it – it’s a true story about one of the most extraordinary archeological finds of all time in Sussex, England.

The attire was very appealing to the eye thanks to costume designer Alice Babidge my favourite kind of blouse worn by Carey Muligan with a Peter Pan collar in cream, accompanied by khaki trousers on the baggy side, I noticed her slim watch too.

There was a scene where Lily James comes straight from holiday and has inappropriate clothes for a dig and Carey lends her some clothes from her wardrobe.

She wore darker khaki trousers also on the baggy masculine side with a white shirt tied at the front, something you would easily wear today. She was also rocking some very cool looking glasses and a scarf, I suppose it’s the vintage look that gives us our cool edge in current times.

In another scene Carey is wearing a shirt with black diamonds which looked very sophisticated teamed with her raincoat. Some red trouser dungarees made an appearance which is something you would catch someone who shops at Urban outfitters today, absolutely gorgeous.

If you haven’t seen the film, you are in for a treat. Out now on Netflix.

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