Glossier London Pop-Up, Part 2

A couple of years have come around quickly since their last pop up in London Town, and they are back with an even larger space and a lot more to show us, this time located in Covent Garden.

I went on over after I dropped the boy at school and I was welcomed in by a doorman, walking in you immediately get an overload of florals with red and pink prettiness from top to bottom even the wallpaper was covered. Funnily enough they were on Floral St, so the designer gets a gold star for paying attention.

The first thing I did was do a loop of the space so I know what I am dealing with, and I notice a few new products, I wanted them all but I must gain some self control. I asked one of the pink boiler suit wearing glossier girls if they recommend anything and she tells me about Futuredew which comes in a 30ml bottle. You put it on before and after your make up, It apparently lasts for 12 hours and gives you an illuminating finish, SOLD!

I ask for a concealer I have ran out of and the Future dew which came to £38 and then you have a flashback to your well behaved bank balance and proceed with the transaction.

If life gives you translucent skin that doesn’t cost the earth you grab it with both un-manicured hands and leave the vicinity sharply, so I did just that!.

Glossier is at 13 Floral St, Covent Garden until February 9th.
You are welcome!

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