Release your inner animal

With the leopard print trend in full swing, I own one leopard print dress, and it’s not a proper dress it’s one of those flimsy maxi dresses that H&M have in their basic section I bought a while ago.


When a trend comes and bites you in the face like the leopard print, it is everywhere! It is a hard print to pull off, you don’t want to end up looking cheap, or even worse like Pat Butcher from Eastenders. The print speaks volumes, it’s ‘hey I’m here, and I’m coming to get ya’ or ‘ move out of my way, I’m coming through’. It’s bolshy, it’s confidence, it’s fierce.

There are only a few people that can pull off a full leopard print outfit;

Debbie harry,

Kendal Jenner, in her slip and jacket teamed with black boots.

or Lady Gaga rocking a Gareth Pugh with exaggerated shoulders, arms, everything.

Not sure we are not cool enough to pull this off so aim for a touch of leopard print. A scarf, or some ankle boots. Go further and get a maxi dress like the one in the shop section from Zara or team a shirt with some skinny jeans. Grrrrrrr…

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