Forever changing…

Oh it’s that dreaded time of year again, the changing of the season. Mornings are dark and colder and you just want to keep cosy.

This also means updating your wardrobe, well I despair because I only do spring and summer, yes, I am aware I live in England but I’ll never get used to this. So, on repeat this is when I start shopping for some updated autumn/winter pieces and end up being in a changing room somewhere seething at the ridiculousness of the jumpers and cardigans that are out this year. I have sussed it out and I’ve realised I find it difficult to style, when you have 4 layers on, bulky boots, tights, a hat, scarf and trying to deal with the fact it’s so cold you actually couldn’t give 2 hoots what you are wearing, you just want to be warm.

Summer attire is by far so much easier, sandals, a dress, some cool sunnies and you are winning. Give me summer over winter any day.

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