To be or not to be?

I have been one of those people who is rarely late for anything, meeting friends, interviews, trains, flights, you name it. However I think I’ve sacrificed looking my best. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anyone aims to be high maintenance, well at least I hope not but I think I might considerate this. Are you like me? It doesn’t take you long to put your make-up on and get ready, but when you step out the door and you happen to catch your reflection, you think oh my word! It’s like a cycle of pure dissatisfaction. I mean my main moan is my hair, an absolute effort. For make-up it takes me 5 mins and just have the standard black eyeliner and mascara if I can be bothered. People sitting there contouring and owning a suitcase or drawers full of make up.

How does someone like that change you ask? well, with great difficulty. I am baffled to know how these women do it, I worked with a lovely girl once who took many trips to the toilet, not because she had bowel problems, but to check her face. I mean that takes a lot of commitment, commitment that may waver for me. It’s so time consuming but dedicating some time to look your best can’t be a bad thing. Just think how much time you waste scrolling Instagram, that time can be used to buff up your nails, give your feet a soak, blow dry your hair, you get the gist.

If I weigh up the option of the amount of work I have to put in to look good, and the dissatisfaction of looking at my reflection – a change is needed, because if it plays on your mind that much then it must be a positive thing to do it.

I am not talking fake nails, hair extensions, kind of high maintenance. I am talking about looking after yourself. So for example, manicures, pedicures, hair cuts, facials etc. Time is the biggest factor here, juggling a part time job along with my 3 year old. It’s time to sort it out, somehow.

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