Say no to cake

When you have a lightbulb moment and you realise you have been doing things completely wrong for years.

So, who else when the weather turns cold, starts eating all the stodgy food you can possibly have? Lasagne, pasta, pies, tarts, cakes, shepherds pie, creamy risotto.

I can hear my mother in my ear – “ it’s cold, don’t miss any meals, and eat something hearty”.

I have been doing this for years, I eat everything and anything, don’t miss a meal, and end up putting on a few pounds exactly when spring comes round and guess what? I feel frumpy in my dresses, I go as far as not wearing my flimsy t shirts because I get so self conscience about the wobbly bits – Gosh what was I thinking? if anything I should eat what I want in the summer and cover up with layers in the winter, that makes more sense. I know what you are thinking – is this girl thick or what?!

This revelation came to me in December, in fact I think the best thing to do is to eat right all year round and have the odd stodgy meal if I feel like it. In the meantime – by jove she has got it! I do all the cooking at home which means it’s incredibly easy for me to adjust, don’t buy rubbish and I won’t eat rubbish. The occasional cheat meal is acceptable but I’ll be seeing if my spring/summer wardrobe will feel looser with anticipated happiness.

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