Glossier popped up good

Drop everything, I am in love!

Glossier opened it’s pretty pink life with a pop up store in London. Originally from New York, the beauty brand launched in the U.K. recently and popped itself in London from 15-22nd November, that’s right the last day is tomorrow, so if you can get yourself down there, it’s worth the visit.

You have an opportunity to try the products before you buy. The pop up store is situated on 2 floors with plenty of space and mirrors to test products and ask advice. The lovely glossier girls were wearing pale pink boiler suits and they looked so glamorous I wanted one for myself. The lady helping me with my purchases was a New Yorker and stated ‘ it was work attire and it was not allowed to be kept’ that’s an awful shame as if they put that up for sale I’d get it.

After walking around and trying and testing the products I bought the phase 1 gift set £35 which was featured on my wish list post, and a moon mask £18 . I rarely get excited, but I was giddy to see, and feel the products. Fingers crossed they decide to open a permanent store because let’s face it I might keep them in profit.

The pop up is at 32 Portland place, London W1B 1NA until tomorrow (22nd November)

4 thoughts on “Glossier popped up good”

  1. I love Glossier and was so jealous about the London pop-up. I’ve tried the balms, which are great, the cloud paints, which I love and the Wowder that works great on my dry skin. I do wish there was a translucent/lighter version of the Wowder as it doesn’t work great for under the eye. The light version is pretty much my skin tone so it doesn’t work to brighten.

    1. I love them too! I’m more into skin care than make up, but I find if one product doesn’t work somewhere, mix and match with other brands, that works for me. I know what you mean though.

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