Coffee, coffee, coffffeeeeeee

Anyone else addicted to coffee or is it just me? I am spending a bloody fortune on this stuff, it’s so delicious yet leading to my bankruptcy. I’ve always loved a cup of tea, drinking at least 5 cups a day, then I discovered the cappuccino a decade ago and my coffee has been getting stronger and stronger. Going from a latte to a flat white and now the odd macchiato in the afternoons. 

My husband bought us a nespresso machine and I thought that would be the end of the purchasing of coffee in an establishment but no, the espresso machine is nice but doesn’t hit the spot. Before you ask I do have one of those before I head out. The most I’ve spent on a cup is £3 and that was the Taylor st coffee hut outside the Vice building in shoreditch. On the plus side you got a free coffee on your 5th time with the loyalty card which isn’t bad considering most give you the 10th coffee on the house.

 I wouldn’t mind spending money on a drink that’s so delicious but feel a sense of dissatisfaction and guilt afterwards, this is the problem, the high lasts 10mins or something and you want another one. Sometimes I consider adding up the cost of my addiction then I don’t bother as it will only depress me. If anyone has seen my willpower please give it back I’ll need it to sort my obsession. 

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