Bella Freud Autumn/Winter 2016 Preview with The Frugality

We all know there are dozens and dozens of fashion bloggers out there, you follow a handful but everyone has a fave. Mine is Alex Stedman known as The Frugality. Last night I met her and she was a complete babe. Having landed from NYFW the night before she looked stunning in a Marks and Spencer silver pleated skirt and a Bella Freud pink Anita jumper. A couple of weeks back she posted that she was hosting an event at the Bella Freud store on Chiltern Street, I got in there quick and got an invite to attend. I adore Bella Freud so I wasn’t disappointed with the Autumn/Winter collection, vibrant red hues, khaki green, pale baby pink were among the colours she showcased. I had the privilege of talking to The Frugality and she was extremely natural and beautiful. I recommend you all follow her on Instagram @thefrugality right now

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