I’m Not Making It Up

So, I’ve just finished reading an article in Stylist Magazine called ‘The Commuter Beauty Army’ It states it is ok to apply your make up on public transport which I completely whole heartily disagree with. 

Applying your make-up is an enjoyable experience. I match my make up with how I am feeling and what I am wearing. Applying it on the tube/train/bus quickly and fiddly seems ludicrous as you have to balance your tools on your lap, apply with one hand whilst holding a mirror in the other. Don’t forget the staring eyes and the snarling, which I am guilty of. The particular part I found interesting in the article was it made it into a feminine issue, this is very far fetched. I’m a female, working mum of one, I have limited time to groom myself, sometimes washing and styling my hair becomes a 2 day process because I have to do it bit by bit. To say you haven’t got time is a lie, everyone has an alarm! to purposely wait to put your make up on the way to work is a loopy notion of efficiency, it’s inefficiency. 

I have a very prudish opinion about applying make-up on the tube, just don’t do it, you look like someone who isn’t in control, you have to at least pretend to be in control. 

The End.

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