Trend; Peter Pan Collar

Who wants to hear of a fun feminine trend this Autumn? I have just the thing! The Peter Pan oversized collar.

Elegance meets statement, embrace the blouse, the cardigan or the detachable collar and if you are feeling super brave, the dress, because let’s face it, it’s ridiculously pretty.

They were all over the catwalks, and seen on those stylish people going to and from the shows and now you can get it almost anywhere to update your wardrobe. Here are a few of my favourites, click on the image to shop…

Zara – Knit sweater with contrast collar – £29.99

And Other Stories – Embroidered statement collar blouse – £65
Topshop – white embroidered
detachable collar – £15.99
Ganni – Smocked checked
maxi dress – £315
Monki – Big collar blouse – £30

Cecilie Bahnsen

Anyone else in complete awe of Cecilie Bahnsen? I have never in all my years of scrolling through thousands of catwalk pictures seen anything so magical.

The danish designer got her inspiration for romance and detail from starting out in Paris and London merging the cities together to bring us such femininity that is soft but also strong. Her Scandinavian roots are also present with minimal detail with a touch of outrageous like the puffed sleeves.

I haven’t come across a piece I don’t like, the pastels, all whites and all blacks will make you drool. It emanates simplicity, luxury and romantic meets wow look at you all dressed up. Bahnsen is bringing something different and I’m intrigued to stalk her for a little while, as the future looks pink, puffed up and transparent.

Teacher gifts for Christmas, under £10

School is out for the Christmas holidays in about a week and if like me, you have 1; left it to the last minute and 2; have to purchase a gift for the lovely person that teaches your child then here are some ideas to get you thinking. I have gone for under £10 as £5 is almost impossible to find anything decent unless 5 packs of mince pies is your thing. She has 2 teaching assistants so they will also get gifts. It is exhausting work and they deserve a little something to say Thank You.

Descriptions below;
Top Left; Accessorize Carly Vintage Earrings £8
Top Right; Zara Link Bracelet with Medallion £9.99
Middle left; DECIEM Salicylic Acid Masque £9.90
Middle middle; New Look Mustard Cable Flip Top Gloves £7.99
Middle right; H&M Home Porcelain Tiger Print Cup £3.99
Bottom left; Oliver Bonas Paola Pink Coin Purse £9.50
Bottom middle; Burts Bees Honey Pot Gift Set £ 4.89
Bottom right; Hotel Chocolat Simply Thanks Box £8

Happy Gift Finding…

Glossier London Pop-Up, Part 2

A couple of years have come around quickly since their last pop up in London Town, and they are back with an even larger space and a lot more to show us, this time located in Covent Garden.

I went on over after I dropped the boy at school and I was welcomed in by a doorman, walking in you immediately get an overload of florals with red and pink prettiness from top to bottom even the wallpaper was covered. Funnily enough they were on Floral St, so the designer gets a gold star for paying attention.

The first thing I did was do a loop of the space so I know what I am dealing with, and I notice a few new products, I wanted them all but I must gain some self control. I asked one of the pink boiler suit wearing glossier girls if they recommend anything and she tells me about Futuredew which comes in a 30ml bottle. You put it on before and after your make up, It apparently lasts for 12 hours and gives you an illuminating finish, SOLD!

I ask for a concealer I have ran out of and the Future dew which came to £38 and then you have a flashback to your well behaved bank balance and proceed with the transaction.

If life gives you translucent skin that doesn’t cost the earth you grab it with both un-manicured hands and leave the vicinity sharply, so I did just that!.

Glossier is at 13 Floral St, Covent Garden until February 9th.
You are welcome!

Beauty Review of the week

Aesop Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Mask £37

This mask is of clear gel consistency and it is one of my favourite masks. It’s a refreshing change to the clay masks I tend to go for. You put a thin layer on and leave it on for 30minutes. You might forget it’s still on your face because it’s so light so set that timer to wash it off.

I’m impressed with the results there is a noticeable difference of bright dewy skin. This is particularly great if you have a night out looming and put it on just whilst getting ready – your skin will shine. The bottle comes in a good size that will last months.

Fashion Rootle Rating 9/10

Girl Crush – Zoe Kravitz

Who else is watching Big Little Lies series 2?

Relax, I won’t spoil it for you.

Zoe Kravitz and her ridiculously cool style without even trying is getting my attention. The girl is hot, everything and anything she wears instantly becomes WOW.

I love the way she plays with her look, sometimes girl next door, sometimes grunge, sometimes chic, sometimes bloody YIKES too hot to handle. Also let’s not forget the hair styles, short, long, black, white she looks good in every damn thing. Zoe, we see you, we salute you.

This dress has gone viral, did you get it?

Can a dress go viral? the answer is yes and it has. The £40 Zara dress pictured above is EVERYWHERE! even Victoria Derbyshire the BBC presenter was spotted wearing it on the tele of all places. It even has its own instagram Hot4TheSpot started by stylist Faye Oakenfull.

I spotted 2 people wearing it as I was coming home from Zara and it’s a 5min walk, I have to admit I find this highly amusing that a dress can cause so much hysterics. I promise you if you look, really LOOK you will spot [ pardon the pun ] someone in the dress. It’s comfortable and easy to dress up with a blazer and strappy sandals. It suits old or young.

Usually you will cringe when you see someone wearing the same item as you, but for this, there is an exception – you happen to be in the polka dot dress club.

Own it. Click on the shop tab and then the dress to be taken straight into Zara ( UK )

Beauty Review of the week

Photo Credit: Glossier

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask – £18

This is completely different to the charcoal mask I reviewed last week. If you have dry skin like mine especially in the winter months, this is a wonderful mask to use. The first time I purchased this was when Glossier had a pop up in London some time ago. The lady shared with me that I could put a thin layer on and sleep in it and I have been doing just that. But you can use it like a regular mask so lay it on your face like the lady in this tub and leave on for 20mins.

It leaves your face so dewy and well moisturised. My skin is nourished and dry no more. Glossier does not lie when it says it is hydrating, and comforting. It doesn’t have a strong scent and no tightening feeling. I recommend this product especially if you have dry skin. It should be a staple in your bathroom cabinet.

Fashion Rootle Rating 9/10

VB’s New You Tube Channel

VB has a You Tube channel and Fashion Rootle lives for it. After an amazing show at London Fashion Week last month, episode one has been uploaded at 6mins long and it is great to see the run up to the show and processes involved.

Beauty Review of the week

Beauty Review of the Week – Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask at £17.

It is a bit steep for a mask but it comes in a good sized glass jar and will last ages. I am really impressed, it is quite thick to apply but once it is on, it dries quickly and gets to work fast, and you feel a sense of tightening.

I leave it on for about 10 mins and then wash it off with a soaked face cloth flannel. This is the pampering of masks, it is to be applied when you have some time in the evening, don’t rush it. My face always feels really clean. I have dry skin so always follow with a moisturiser before bed.

Fashion Rootle Rating 10/10

Release your inner animal

With the leopard print trend in full swing, I own one leopard print dress, and it’s not a proper dress it’s one of those flimsy maxi dresses that H&M have in their basic section I bought a while ago.


When a trend comes and bites you in the face like the leopard print, it is everywhere! It is a hard print to pull off, you don’t want to end up looking cheap, or even worse like Pat Butcher from Eastenders. The print speaks volumes, it’s ‘hey I’m here, and I’m coming to get ya’ or ‘ move out of my way, I’m coming through’. It’s bolshy, it’s confidence, it’s fierce.

There are only a few people that can pull off a full leopard print outfit;

Debbie harry,

Kendal Jenner, in her slip and jacket teamed with black boots.

or Lady Gaga rocking a Gareth Pugh with exaggerated shoulders, arms, everything.

Not sure we are not cool enough to pull this off so aim for a touch of leopard print. A scarf, or some ankle boots. Go further and get a maxi dress like the one in the shop section from Zara or team a shirt with some skinny jeans. Grrrrrrr…